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Total Control Training

What is a Track ARC?

Track ARC 1

Our Track ARC is a truly different learning experience. The prerequisite is having at least 3000 street miles. You and your street or track motorcycle get onto a designated racetrack and practice with professional observation and instruction the advanced riding techniques described in Lee Parks’ best-selling book Total Control. All of the professional instructors have comprehensive training to provide you with feedback and advice based on your riding on the track at real road speeds and higher if you like. Each hour of the day is spent on different techniques from the book both in the classroom and on the track 20 minutes at a time plus transitions between environments.

Day One (Saturday)

After an initial intro and classroom instruction, you head out of the paddock and onto the track to ride laps. We have corner workers placed on the track to maintain a safe environment along with ARC Instructors who take turns leading and following you through arguably the most fun training track in the country. At the end of the session, your Instructor provides you with personalized feedback on your riding that you can use in the following sessions as well as on the street. There is also open free practice at the end of the day where improvements in suspension setup that is taught in the class can be tested and tweaked.

Track ARC 2

Day Two (Sunday)

Day two is a day of practice and open track sessions, there is no formalized instruction. We do provide instructors to the group as a whole (both on track and in the paddock) to provide feedback to you should you want additional training. Track Practice is a great opportunity to continue to develop what you learned at our Track Advanced Riding Clinic.

What It Covers

There are so many different factors that affect traction, from cornering and acceleration forces to the design of the tires and the weight of the bike; riding a motorcycle is really an exercise in traction management. The purpose of nearly every skill taught in our Advanced Riding Clinic is to help you understand what traction is, how it works and how to effectively use the limited amounts of traction available on a motorcycle.

The single most important control on your motorcycle is the throttle. This is because—beyond speed and acceleration—it applies forces to so many aspects of your bike's handling including traction, suspension, weight transfer, steering, stability, and ground clearance. Knowing how to skillfully apply the throttle is one of the major distinctions between good riders and great riders.

You know what it is like when you are 'in the zone', everything just seems to flow, one corner seamlessly blending into the next, and you are always in the right place on the road. You also know when you are not in the zone, because everything seems to go wrong, the ride is harsh and jerky, cars take a swipe at you and it just feels like you are having a generally bad day. During our Advanced Riding Clinic, you will learn how fear and concentration can have such a profound effect on your riding and what simple steps you can take to ensure you have a perfect ride every time.

Vision is, without a doubt, the most fundamental skill for proper riding. The majority of decisions made while riding are based on information coming in through your eyes. The main reason for vision being so critical is that you go where you look but even experienced racers struggle with maintaining proper vision through the corners. At Total Control you will learn why riders go where they look and how you can use your eyes to your advantage and safety during every ride.

Unlike cars, motorcycles can take a lot of different lines through a particular corner. Some of these lines will help you make a safe and serene progression through the bends, while others will ruin your perfect ride! During our Advanced Riding Clinic you will learn exactly how to plan and follow proper lines on every corner of the road.

No matter what you ride, the way you position your body on your motorcycle has a profound impact on how it will handle during a corner and also determines how much physical effort you will need to control it. Our Advanced Riding Clinic uses a ten step technology to ensure you achieve the right body position—every time. We call it a technology rather than just a bunch of tips, because ALL the ten steps combine to give you consistent results.

Having the right suspension setup is one of the keys to riding fast and safely. No matter which shock or fork you have, they all require proper adjustment to work to their maximum potential. The knowledge about how your suspension works—and how to properly adjust it and maintain it—will work together with proper riding skills to improve your overall ability to manage traction.

Who Teaches It

Lee Parks

Chief instructor Lee Parks has been racing for 25 years and won the 2001 G.M.D. Computrack National Endurance Series Championship in the Lightweight class. He also finished 2nd in the 1994 AMA 125GP national championship in its exhibition year. He spent five years as the editor and chief test rider of Motorcycle Consumer News where he road tested every new street motorcycle available in the U.S. and became one of the top performance-testing journalists in the world. Lee's staff of personally trained instructors are located all over the U.S. and Europe and bring with them an impressive list of riding and teaching credentials. Lee is now the president of Lee Parks Design, a motorcycle gear and accessory manufacturer.

The Total Control Track ARC® Promisess

The Total Control team is committed to making you a better and safer rider and, in doing so, makes these promises:

Specific, measurable improvement in your riding

No matter what skill level you are now, the Total Control Track ARC® will make a recognizable difference in your ability to control your bike.

Better understanding of how your bike works

How what you do affects your bike's ability to maintain traction and control.

The ability to self-diagnose riding problems in the future

While it's great to be able to ride better in front of a skilled coach, it's equally important to be able to coach yourself when you detect a riding problem in the future. There are enough support materials in our package to help make sure you won't forget what you learned during your training.

High teacher-to-student ratio

Each class is divided in groups with never more than six students per instructor for lots of individual attention and support.

Friendly, professional service

The Total Control ARC instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at the Total Control ARC will be a positive one.